Small Waterproof Wired Tracker

Small waterproof wired tracker edited

The easiest way to wire this tracker is to connect the red Red+ to live power and Black- negative to ground.

Ignition detection can be added by linking Din1 to ignition input or by linking VCC power to the ignition line and the tracker will detect the increase in voltage.

Contact Us if you need assistance in setting up the optional cut off ignition circuit.

Small waterproof wired tracker b edited



Navigation LED Indications

Normally after Connecting to the vehicle both leds are flashing together to show it has cellular & satelite signal.

Permanently Switched OnSatellite signal is not received
Blinking Every SecondNormal mode, Satelite signal is working
OffSatelite signal is turned off because:
Device is not working
Device is in sleep mode
Blinking Fast ConstantlyDevice firmware is being flashed

Status LED Indications

Blinking Every SecondNormal mode
Blinking Every Two SecondsSleep mode
Blinking Fast For A Short TimeCellular Signal activity
OffDevice is not working
Device is in boot mode


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