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Connecting the real world with the internet to achieve information not possible before. Locate and monitor the health of people and animals. Track vehicles, livestock, bins, water meters, freight and packages all at a lot lower costs then ever before using the latest technology

Transportation & Logistics

Get Real Time information of your refrigerated products and vehicle location.


Temperature of Soil or Greenhouse.Real time Position of animals and alerts if animal is out of range.


Monitor patient health Assets and hygiene within a healthcare facility all in real time.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Track and monitor pallets within a building. Monitor machine usage locations and supply chains.

Smart Bin or Tanks

Know the level of Bins and tanks live data with alerts when full.

Smart City

Monitor and control street lights, parking spaces,air quality, water meters.

Transportation & Logistics

Reduce costs and enhance efficiency and productivity in your logistics processes. Locate in real-time your assets while they’re being transported and know its state thanks to temperature and shock sensors. Track exhaustively throughout our platform to analyze each movement and anticipate incidents.


Detect and solve possible incidents in the cold chain of your refrigerated assets. Make a real-time tracking of the product during transport and guarantee quality control and regulatory compliance. Save costs, enhance efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.


Have always controlled your medical equipment and hospital supplies, during transport and once in the medical facilities. Monitor exhaustively to ensure its security and good conditions, and prevent thefts.


Let the Internet of Things (IOT) be on the service of your farm. Identify the routes and movements of your livestock to analyze its state and prevent possible problems with animals. Know at every moment where they are, receive alerts when out of perimeter and avoid they blended with the neighboring farm animals.

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