Why is it showing offline/unknown

The Device shows offline when not sending data to the cloud server. The tracker has a built in motion sensor that will make it show online again when it starts moving. It will also show online when the vehicles ignition is switched on.The standard configuration on the vehicle tracker is it will show online once an hour when stationary as a heartbeat check. For self powered devices its once a day.

I forgot my password

Call us or send us an email and we will reset the password for you.

What does the key symbol mean on the app.

This symbol turns green when the ignition is on. On the self powered devices it means motion was detected or moving.

How do I change the password

You can easily change your password in the app by clicking settings and press change password.
Alternatively you can change your password on a laptop check out this page for details. https://iotsolutions.ie/docs/how-to-change-password/

How do I extend my Yearly/Monthly Subscription

On renewel date an email will be automatically sent to you with options to pay by card or by paypal on the invoice. Alternatively you can buy at this link https://iotsolutions.ie/product-category/connection/

How many trackers can i add to my account.

There is no limit to the amount of devices that you can add.

Do I have to Install any software on my laptop computer for it to work.

The software is cloud based so all that is needed is to visit the link https://gps.iotsolutions.ie and login.

What Happens if my vehicle tracker is disconnected?

Immediately a notification & email will be sent to notify you of disconnection. The tracker has a backup battery to continue tracking for a few hours until reconnected.

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