Vehicle Wifi

Connect Your Vehicles Today

Vehicle Routers with GPS Tracking options.

Fast Wifi with Great coverage support 50 to 150 passengers all online at the same time.

5G Wifi

Stay Connected

Whether you need to check emails, stream music, or attend virtual meetings, vehicle WiFi ensures you’re always connected to the internet, no matter where you are.

Entertainment on the Go

Keep passengers entertained during long journeys with access to streaming services, online gaming, and social media, all from the comfort of your vehicle.

High Speed

Fiber quality Wifi using Superfast 5G or Fast 4G options available.

Branded Hotspot

Customised branded login page to show to your passengers when they logon to Wifi.

Connect On Board Systems To Reliable Internet With Backup Redundancy.

5G Wifi 1

Perfect For Motorhomes easy install

Offer Wifi To Every Passenger On Board your Boat

5G Wifi 4
5G Wifi 5

Mobile Catering & Coffee Shops

Now Offer Wifi to Your Customers

Sutiable For all Vehicle Types 10-30Volts. Mains Power 220v Options also.

High Gain Antennas Can be added for low signal areas.

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