Fleet Management System

Live Real Time GPS Tracking any time anywhere.

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  • Track all aspects of your fleet know everything that is happening Live & History
  • Monitor Speed & Speed Limit violations, Mileage, Temperature
  • Driver Performance
  • Fuel Usage
  • Create Geofences & track Movement in or out of the geofence.
  • Temperature & Humidity of Cargo can be monitored.
  • Cargo door movements can also be monitored.
  • Receive Automated Reports on all aspects of your fleet.

Fleet Maintenance

Preventative maintenance planning, control, and expenditure recording.

Get automated notifications on upcoming vehicle oil services & Interval Inspections.

Log all vehicle costs & documentation.

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Fuel Usage Monitoring

Receive automated Fuel usage reports on all of your vehicles.

Option to monitor fuel with or without installing a sensor.

Notifications if sensor detects a sudden drop in fuel due to theft.

Log all fuel fillings events.

See live tank levels for all your vehicles.

Video Monitoring

Live view installed cameras on the vehicle.

Immediately Analyze video of any event that occurred with all vehicles in the fleet.

Improve Driver performance with Artificial intelligence coaching.

Recieve notifications if driver is falling asleep or on the phone.

Lower insurance costs.

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Driver Performance

Receive automated driver perfomance reports.

Speeding reports and notifcations based on real road speed limits.

Assess driver score from speeding,idling,braking, cornering and acceleration activity .

Ability to choose the predefined scoring or harshness levels.

Optional Remote Tachograph data download.

Route Planning For Deliveries

Get AI optimized delivery routes to reduce time/fuel usage.

Driver app to receive route layout with signature and photo uploads of delivery.

Dispatcher can view anytime the delivery drivers location with chat feature in app to driver.

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Suitable For all Vehicles Types

Cars Vans Trucks Bus Trailers Tractors Diggers

Benefits for your business

  • Fast return on your investment thanks to reducing fuel costs, repairs, wear & tear and fines.
  • Access to reliable fleet data to support effective business decisions.
  • Fleet is protected from vehicle and fuel theft also prevent non approved trips.
  • Reduced insurance costs from improved driver behaviour and insurance company offers of reductions by using a tracking system.

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