IoT in Logistics


1. Location management systems

In the logistics domain, IoT can create a smart location management system that will enable companies to easily track driver activities, vehicle location, and delivery status. Once goods are delivered or come to a certain place, a manager is notified by a push message.

Such a solution is an irreplaceable assistant in delivery planning and compilation and viewing of schedules. All changes are instantly detected and reflected in real time. So, IoT technology can be successfully used for improving location management and streamlining business processes.

2. Inventory tracking and warehousing

Inventory management and warehousing are one of the most important parts of the connected logistics ecosystem. The placement of small inexpensive sensors will allow companies to easily track inventory items, monitor their status and position and create a smart warehouse system.

With the help of IoT technology employees will be able to successfully prevent any losses, ensure safe storage of goods, as well as efficiently locating an item needed. By now, almost all logistics companies have already adopted such IoT solutions in their work. The minimization of human errors also becomes possible due to IoT.

3. IoT technology and predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is taking center stage in different industries, helping companies and corporations create effective business development strategies, improve the decision-making process, make smart business insights, manage risks and a lot more.

Internet-enabled devices are here to collect large data amounts and transmit them to the central system for further analysis. IoT and predictive analytics solutions can be applied for route and delivery planning and identification of various defects before something goes wrong. The results are a timely replacement of machinery parts, prevention of any crashes and efficient vehicle/equipment maintenance.

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