Surfsight AI-12 Dash Camera

Live Streaming Connected Dash Camera

Surfsight AI-12

This powerful device includes a 1080p Full HD road-facing camera with a wide-angle lens; a 720p Full HD driver-facing camera (wide-angle colour and infrared); tamper-resistant SIM and SD card storage; and supports both automatic and manual video recording. Its other benefits include

  • Connected Live View Video Stream from Dual Cameras.
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Artificial Intelligence With Alerts To Detect Risky Driver Behaviour.
  • Real Time Driver Visual & Audio Alerts
  • View Route History & Events with Video
  • Active Standby Record when Parked
  • High Quality IR Night Vision
  • Easy 10 Minute Installation

The Power Of Machine Vision + Artificial Intelligence (MV+AI)

  • Proactive risk-detection can help see a reduction in collisions & claims costs.
  • Video Evidence Stored in the cloud
  • Distracted Driver warnings Using Artificial Intelligence identifies distracted,drowsy and unsafe driving behaviours such as sudden acceleration,sharp turns and harsh braking.
  • Real-Time Driver Training using audio & Visual warnings signalling drivers to act in real-time.
  • Affordable Pricing so it can be used in all your vehicles.
  • Option to switch off driver facing camera for certain vehicles if requested.

Additional Information

Surfsight AI-12 Brochure
Surfsight AI-12 Spec Sheet
How Surfsight AI-12 Helps Prevent Distracted Driving

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