This software allows you to manage periodic inspection of fleets or vehicles along with reminders to the Inspection manager.

Main Features:

  • Allow you to configure inspections on vehicle form.
  • Allow you to set up different inspections under configuration which will be used in inspection of vehicle requests.
  • Periodic Inspection will be defined on Vehicle form.
  • System will create an Inspection Request / Record automatically using a cron job scheduler.
  • Allow you to create vehicle service from Inspection request.
  • Inspection request workflow processed by Fleet Manager and Vehicle Service Request will be created from it.
  • Allow you to print Inspection request PDF report format.
  • Reminder notification to Inspection manager to do inspection before days configure on inspections.
  • For more details please see below screenshots and watch the video.

Menus Available:

  • Fleet
    • Inspection Requests
      • Inspection Requests
      • Inspection to Start
      • Inspection to Finish
  • Configuration
    • Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle Inspection Configration

fleet inspection29

Vehicle Inspection List View

fleet inspection30

Fleet Form With Inspection Setup.

fleet inspection4

Vehicle Inspection Form View

fleet inspection4

PDF Report

fleet inspection27
fleet inspection28

Inspection Requests Calender View.

fleet inspection44 2
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